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About ISEH


About Us

The Society for Experimental Hematology  (ISEH) was established in 1950 by a group of scientists who sought to create a forum for the presentation and discussion of pre-clinical data in experimental hematology. ISEH continues to be dedicated to the promotion of the scientific knowledge and clinical application of basic hematologic and immunologic disorders through research, publications, and scientific programs.


Incorporated in 1972 in the USA, the Society has over 800 active members from 40 countries around the world. Its annual scientific meeting attracts more than 500 participants over 4 days and, together with its official monthly journal Experimental Hematology, provides essential delivery of quality education, training programs, discussion forums, as well as promotes basic research.


ISEH members are at the forefront of advances in experimental hematology including: 

  • Progenitor cells, hematopoiesis, growth factors and cytokines
  • Immunology
  • Mechanisms of hematologic malignancies (leukemias, lymphomas, myelomas)
  • Oncology
  • Oncogenes
  • Stem Cell niches
  • Cancer stem cells
  • Gene profiling (microarray chips) and protein chips
  • Stem cell biology and transplantation (bone marrow, peripheral blood, cord blood)
  • Cellular therapy
  • Gene therapy
  • Hematopoietic microenvironment

Our Mission

The mission of ISEH is to promote the scientific knowledge and clinical application of basic hematology, immunology, stem cell research, cell and gene therapy, and all related aspects through research, publications, discussion, support of young investigators and organization of scientific meetings.


In order to achieve the stated purpose, the Society shall undertake activities such as:

We Pride Ourselves On


A unique group of dedicated research professionals, ISEH members have:

  • Presented significant scientific breakthroughs such as research on cloning and characterization of many new hematopoietic growth factors.
  • Were responsible for the initial presentation of the work leading to Dr. Don Thomas’ Nobel Prize in Medicine.
  • Were the first to describe every known in vitro and in vivo assay for hematopoietic stem cells and progenitor cells (in vitro CFU-S, CFU-C, LTC-IC, CAFC assays and innovative in vivo transplantation assays).
  • Developed and continuously redesigned methods for the purification of such cells from murine and human marrow and blood.
  • Shared findings regarding the redirection of the fate of stem cells, signal transduction and transcription regulatory protein abnormalities in hematologic malignancies, and development of non-myeloablative hemopoietic stem and progenitor transplantation.


Offering comprehensive programs and publications in training and education, ISEH provides the tools for expansive understanding and cutting-edge methodologies from around the globe. 



Connecting clinicians and researchers from around the world, ISEH membership is an inclusive, international forum which creates many opportunities for conversations between young scientists, leaders in the field and industry. ISEH networking tools provide opportunities to connect with the top scientists in the field. 



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