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Inside this issue: Mar/Apr

Posted By Connections Editor, Friday, April 21, 2017


‘Off-the-shelf’ immunotherapy with iPSC-derived rejuvenated cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Miki Ando, Hiromitsu Nakauchi

Preclinical approaches in chronic myeloid leukemia: from cells to systems
Cassie J. Clarke, Tessa L. Holyoake

From the bedside to the bench: new discoveries on blood cell fate and function
Eirini Trompouki, Eugenia Flores-Figueroa, Daniel Lucas, Teresa V. Bowman

Targeting the transcription factor Myb by small-molecule inhibitors
Sagar Uttarkar, Jon Frampton, Karl-Heinz Klempnauer

Immunogenicity of murine mPEG-red blood cells and the risk of anti-PEG antibodies in human blood donors
Yevgeniya Le, Wendy M. Toyofuku, Mark D. Scott

Everolimus restrains the IL-17A-dependent osteoclast-like transdifferentiation of dendritic cells in multiple myeloma
Marco Tucci, Stefania Stucci, Anna Passarelli, Stella D'Oronzo, Franco Silvestris

Variable aldehyde dehydrogenase activity and effects on chemosensitivity of primitive human leukemic cells
Anja Bogen, Christian Buske, Wolfgang Hiddemann, Stefan K. Bohlander, Oliver Christ

MLL-AF4 binds directly to a BCL-2 specific enhancer and modulates H3K27 acetylation
Laura Godfrey, Jon Kerry, Ross Thorne, Emmanouela Repapi, James O.J. Davies, Marta Tapia, Erica Ballabio, Jim R. Hughes, Huimin Geng, Marina Konopleva, Thomas A. Milne

Mysm1 expression in the bone marrow niche is not essential for hematopoietic maintenance
Jessica C. Petrov, Anastasia Nijnik

MOZ and BMI1 act synergistically to maintain hematopoietic stem cells
Bilal N. Sheikh, Donald Metcalf, Anne K. Voss, Tim Thomas


Donor lymphocyte infusions in AML and MDS: Enhancing the graft-versus-leukemia effect
Guillermo Orti, Pere Barba, Laura Fox, Olga Salamero, Francesc Bosch, David Valcarcel

Polycomb complexes PRC1 and their function in hematopoiesis
Miguel Vidal, Katarzina Starowicz

Kinase signaling and targeted therapy for primary myelofibrosis
Qiong Yang, John D. Crispino, Qiang Jeremy Wen

Mutational analysis of hypermutation-related POLE gene in acute leukemias and lymphomas
Eun Ji Choi, Min Sung Kim, Nam Jin Yoo, Sug Hyung Lee

Analysis of parameters that affect human hematopoietic cell outputs in mutant c-kit-immunodeficient mice
Paul H. Miller, Gabrielle Rabu, Margarita MacAldaz, David J.H.F. Knapp, Alice M.S. Cheung, Kiran Dhillon, Naoto Nakamichi, Philip A. Beer, Leonard D. Shultz, R. Keith Humphries, Connie J. Eaves

Ixazomib suppresses human dendritic cell and modulates murine graft-versus-host disease in a schedule-dependent fashion
Ahmad Samer Al-Homsi, Austin Goodyke, Kelli Cole, Marlee Muilenburg, Michael McLane, Sarah Abdel-Mageed, Yuxin Feng

The BAF45a/PHF10 subunit of SWI/SNF-like chromatin remodeling complexes is essential for hematopoietic stem cell maintenance
Veneta Krasteva, Gerald R. Crabtree, Julie A. Lessard

EphA5 and EphA7 forward signaling enhances human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell maintenance, migration, and adhesion via Rac1 activation
Thao M. Nguyen, Agnieszka Arthur, Andrew C.W. Zannettino, Stan Gronthos

Impairment of fetal hematopoietic stem cell function in the absence of Fancd2
Sakiko Suzuki, Ronny R. Racine, Nathan A. Manalo, Sharon B. Cantor, Glen D. Raffel


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